An Attempt
Art Direction
  • An Attempt to Understand a Statistic
    It is common knowledge that above certain size numbers, people have trouble visualizing and comprehending quantities and their meaning. In a culture filled with pie charts and statistics, numeric iconography seems to be very efficient at describing percentages, but very poor at helping us experience what those numbers actually represent.

    In anattempt to remind people of their own mortality and the importance of living life to its fullest, Sebastian Errazuriz created An Attempt to Understand a Statistic. For the project, 1,100 white crosses were planted in the ground in a waterside park in Dumbo, New York. A group of 40 volunteers formed a line, and following the directions of Errazuriz, the group started walking, planting a white cross with each step until the meadow was transformed into a temporary cemetery.

    The 1,100 crosses represent the number of people who die in New York City every week. Errazuriz hopes to reproduce a larger version of this project in Central Park, where he plans to plant 4,400 white crosses, filling up all of Sheep’s Meadow, in an attempt to visualize and comprehend the large number of people who die in New York City each month, and the same number who will inevitably die each and every month.